Your closet is your chest and MOD4 is your treasure

Create your own avatar and outstanding outfits based off the latest fashion trends to test your fashion eye in Challenges played on Stilettos edges

Collect unique clothes and items form the most luxurious brands, and get them for your real closet from our ultra-fast access to

An entire shop just for you

MOD4 features an entire wardrobe assembled using only the best in luxury from fashion world’s very own LuisaViaRoma. This means you’ll shop directly form the LuisaViaRoma online store, starting from clothes, to shoes, up to even the tiniest accessories.


No preset models, your customizable avatar makes you the one and only protagonist on MOD4


Open all the Boxes you can get to widen your fashion collection way out of proportion


Treat yourself with your favorite looks in no time thanks to quick access to the LuisaViaRoma store


Find out if you really got a good eye for fashion by taking part in the Challenges

Call Us Unboxing Addicts

“Life is like a MOD4 Box:
you never know what you’re gonna get”.”

As you all know at this point, on MOD4 you collect articles by opening the Boxes you win after a Challenge.

The more you play, the more you expand your collection, plus the thrill of unboxing is just as addictive as shopping.

The Box slowly opens, revealing its content. What you’re gonna find? It’s a guess only unboxing can reveal.

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