Curious? Doubtful? In search of an answer to the deepest existential questions? Well, we can’t help you with that, but we give you answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, aka FAQs.

What is MOD4?

MOD4 is a free-to-play mobile game that involves collecting items from the biggest international fashion houses. Your virtual collection can become reality through easy online shopping. MOD4 puts its players centerstage with their own personalized avatar: an alter ego who takes part in Challenges, collects, socializes and buys their favorite items.


What can I do on MOD4?

As a player, you enter MOD4 using an avatar that represents you during gameplay. Thanks to Boxes, you can collect your favorite items which you get as a reward from participating in fashion Challenges. You can also receive the latest updates on current fashion trends with our exclusive editorial content which you can find in the Magazine feed.


Is it possible to shop on MOD4?

Of course, on MOD4 you can turn your virtual collection into a real one. You only need to tap on the items in your Wardrobe, on the “View items” icon you can find in the posts or in the saved outfits in your Wishlist. Then just tap on “SHOP ON LVR.COM” to be redirected to the LuisaViaRoma website. Enjoy your collection for real!


What about your website?

Our website is Here you can subscribe to our newsletter, stay updated and have fun reading our blog posts!


On which devices can I download MOD4?

It is available for Android and iOS.


What about my personal data?

We do not sell, share or disclose any of your personal information to any third parties. We take seriously our commitment to protecting the security and anonymity of your data.  We may utilize your anonymous data with defined third parties, subject to your approval, that allow us to conduct our activities and provide better service to you. Please feel free to read our Privacy Policy anytime for more information.


Where is your company registered?

We are registered and based in Tuscany, Italy. Our registered address is: Via Scipione Ammirato 100, 50136 – Firenze.


What can I do in the Magazine feed?

In the Magazine feed, you can read exclusive editorial content and post your outfits as a pic or a moodboard to share with the Community. Sharing in the Magazine feed is what comes after submitting your outfit for a fashion Challenge, after which you can create a moodboard and pick which one will be the cover image for your post.


What are MOD4 Boxes?

MOD4 Boxes are the way we provide you with clothing and other items to style your avatar for the Challenges. There are different kinds of Boxes, starting with Essentials: the ones we give you for free at the very beginning. Other Boxes include the Mini, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each one even bigger and more precious than the previous one. You get Boxes as a reward for some of the Missions and, if you want more, you can buy them with in-app currency.


What are the different Mod levels?

The Mod levels are what we use to categorize the items you find in the Boxes. There are 5 different Mod levels in MOD4: Mod1, Mod2, Mod3, Mod4 e Mod4+. The higher the number, the harder is to find that Mod level.


What can I find in my Wardrobe?

The Wardrobe is where you store the items you collect in the game. You can see everything you own: the Mod levels, the brands, and other details about the items. You can also be redirected to the LuisaViaRoma website to shop the items you like by tapping on them.


How can I use the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is the only section on MOD4 where you can see all the items available, even those you haven’t found yet. You can also match the items to create up to 10 different outfits that you can edit anytime, and see them on to purchase them.


What is the Wardrobe Level?

The Wardrobe Level is based on the number of items you’ve collected and their Mod level. The more you collect and the higher the percentage of Mod levels, the faster your Wardrobe Level grows. It will be super useful in the future; we have some fantastic surprises in store for you!


How often do you release new items?

We release new items weekly


How can I interact with other users?

You can interact with other players by following them, commenting on and liking their posts on the Magazine feed. You can also chat with players that you follow and who follow you in the brand new Chat section!


What’s the difference between Free and Premium Challenges?

You can always take part in Free Challenges as long as your items fulfill the requirements, while to take part in the Premium Challenges, you also have to pay a few MOD4 Credits.


What are the Challenge Requirements?

Almost all Challenges have specific conditions that must be met in order to submit a look for a particular Challenge.


Can you tell me more about voting?

Voting on other players’ Challenge looks helps you accomplish Missions and win Mini Boxes and MOD4 Coins. On MOD4 you vote by swiping the look right to you give it your approval, and swiping left to dislike it.


What is item regeneration?

Each item on MOD4 can only be used for a limited number of times. Then they must be regenerated in order to be used again. You regenerate the items with MOD4 Credits.


What’s in-app currency?

On MOD4 there are 2 different types of currencies: MOD4 Coins and MOD4 Credits. MOD4 Credits can be used to take part in Premium Challenges and regenerate items. You can get MOD4 Credits by:

  • Taking part in the Challenges
  • Buying them with MOD4 Coins
  • Finding them inside Boxes

MOD4 Coins can be used to buy more Boxes, MOD4 Credits, or to change your avatar’s appearance with an extreme makeover. You can get them by:

  • Buying them with real currency (e.g. €/$)
  • As a reward for completing Missions
  • As a reward from a Challenge


How can I get LVR Points by playing on MOD4?

To get LVR Points by playing, the first thing you need to do is sign up with the same email you used to register for your LVR account. You can get LVR Points by taking part in Challenges marked with the triangle (▲). If your score is high enough the points will appear in your LVR account on the following Monday afternoon (Central European Time).


What are the Missions?

The MOD4 Missions are different activities that you can complete to receive extra prizes. They are:

  • Daily Missions, that you can redo each day.
  • Weekly Missions, to be completed over the course of the week.


What are my chances of finding MOD2 to MOD4+ level items?

Chances are different for each kind of Box:

  • Mini Box: 90% MOD1; 5% MOD4 Credits; 3% MOD2; 1.5% MOD3; 0.4% MOD4; 0.1% MOD4+
  • Silver Box: 80% MOD1; 12% MOD2; 6% MOD3; 1.6% MOD4; 0.4% MOD4+; 0% MOD4 Credits
  • Golden Box: 35% MOD1; 39% MOD2; 19.5% MOD3; 5.2% MOD4; 1.3% MOD4+; 0% MOD4 Credits
  • Platinum Box: 0% MOD1; 60% MOD2; 30% MOD3; 8% MOD4; 2% MOD4+; 0% MOD4 Credits


What is the Market?

The MOD4 Market is the section of the app where players buy and sell their items. To access the Market it is necessary to be registered on MOD4, while it is possible to buy immediately, in order to sell your items you must reach Wardrobe level 3. If you decide to buy an item you will immediately find it in your virtual collection, with the exact number of uses with which it was put on sale. If you decide to sell an item it will remain in the Market for 7 days, but during that time you won’t be able to use it. If another player buys your item you will receive a notification, otherwise after the 7 days are up the item will be returned to your Wardrobe. MOD4 retains a small commission (30%) on the proceeds of each sale.


Can I contact you?

Of course, we’d love to hear from you: suggestions, fixing problems, and other kind of support, we are always pleased to help you. Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can:



+39 0550317689

Via Ammirato 100
50136, Firenze – Italy