It’s time for our interview with Sarahemme, another stylist who has been with us since the very start.

Read her answers and find out more about her and how she plays!

You’ve been playing MOD4 since it came out: what’s your favourite part each time you play? And how did you hear about MOD4?

I heard about MOD4 thanks to LuisaViaRoma. I have been playing for more than a year and I would never have thought that it would have become a stable fixture of my daily routine. It’s just like a drug! The time I like best is when the results are announced. I’m always curious to see if the rest of the community has liked what I’ve created.

What’s the inspiration behind the looks you create?

I always try to read the Challenge requirements carefully and I look at the background, trying to adapt everything to my personality and my style.

Tell us about your daily routine within the game.

MOD4 accompanies me throughout the day. About 3 or 4 Challenges usually come out every day, but I don’t like doing them all at once. I prefer to space them out throughout the day so that I can relax and do them in the few moments of free time I have. The first thing I do every day is check the requirements for the challenges and see if any missing pieces I can add to my “collection” have become available.

If you had all the MOD4 items in your actual wardrobe, which pieces couldn’t you live without?

Owning the entire MOD4 wardrobe would be a dream come true! The things I could never do without are bags, which I am literally crazy about, shoes, since I’m a sneaker addict and blazers, my favorite garment.

Have you made virtual friends within the Community?

Yes, and that’s been the best thing about it. It has been really great to compare looks and opinions, help one another, have a laugh and build relationships that go beyond the game.

What advice would you give to entry-level MOD4 gamers?

I’d tell them to be patient at the beginning and that slowly but surely, as they understand the mechanisms of the game, they will manage to have a dream wardrobe and climb the rankings. I’d also let them know that if they need any explanations about the game, I’m always willing to help. I’ve given new players advice several times and helping them has always been a pleasure.

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