Our second interview with MOD4 stylists is with Barbora. Not only she loves creating new looks, but also collecting as many items as possible!

Let’s discover together Barbora’s game routine, her precious advice, and what a “Collector” looks for on MOD4.

You’ve been playing MOD4 since it came out: what’s your favourite part each time you play? And how did you hear about MOD4?

I have been playing fashion coveting games for years now. And from time to time I used to check if there was something new that might interest me even more, that’s also how I discovered MOD4 and I got addicted almost immediately… And since then I have stopped searching :smiling:

What’s the inspiration behind the looks you create?

Even though we all have our own unique tastes, creativity and “handwriting” when creating our looks, we certainly also inspire each other daily. Because, in my opinion, if you want to be rewarded ‒ or even win from time to time ‒ you also have to be able to observe and absorb what is currently popular everywhere (and the elements that appear in most winning looks), you have to have a good understanding and sense for what the majority of players tend to favor the most and what forces their hands to swipe right when voting… Only then can you tastefully incorporate these details and tricks into your own signature looks, and so, let’s say, balance it with your own unique style.

Tell us about your daily routine within the game.

Well, my daily routine and the way I play changes constantly as time goes by, in line with my personal progress in game and also with any new app developments. By now I consider myself a Collector, as I am always putting myself to the test, trying to gather all the new additions as fast as I can, with the aim of owning every single item there is in the game. I also love being one of the first to use these newest items, even though, I have to say, the MOD4 audience is mostly quite conservative, and it usually takes some time before the users grow fond of a new item, so I am rarely “praised” for having the “courage” and desire to be the first to wear something new :smiling: But I am used to that by now and I don’t mind. It certainly doesn’t stop me feeling happy, when creating my looks… So, to answer your question ‒ if there are no more new items for me to collect, and so I don’t need to check the Market that often during the day, I open the app with my morning coffee to enter new challenges. Later, with my afternoon coffee I check the first results and, in the evening, (with another hot beverage ‒ my evening tea ‒ :laughing:) I check the rest of the results (then I usually share these with my friends in our support group to compare them, share our joy if we are successful, or encourage each other if we’re not. :smiling:

If you had all the MOD4 items in your actual wardrobe, which pieces couldn’t you live without?

I am really sorry, but I can’t answer that! It’s absolutely impossible for me to choose! Pleaaase, don’t make me do it! :smiling:

Have you made any virtual friends within the Community?

Oh, YES! :smiling: I am lucky enough to be a part of a support group of various MOD4 enthusiasts, a group of very inspirational, amazing, strong, successful and unbelievably kind women. Women from different countries, with different backgrounds and different life stories, who speak different languages but with whom I share a very lovely friendship and the same passion for fashion (and obviously for MOD4 ) For me personally, being part of such a community has become a huge ‒ and one of the most important and favorite ‒ part of my gaming experience. We are even planning on spending a fun summer weekend together and turning our virtual friendships into “real-life” ones, something we are all looking forward to very much… :smiling: We already speak daily, we support each other, share our joys or achievements and not just in the game, but in life too (since we also already enjoying talking about many other topics, which have nothing to do with MOD4 :smiling:).

What advice would you give to entry-level MOD4 gamers?

Actually, I would have 3 pieces of advice for them. :smiling:

Make friends in the game. (The more the merrier) It is soo much more enjoyable and fun to have someone to share this passion with 😉 Be patient. We all understand that frustration beginners feel, when they want to own every beautiful item right away and be able to participate in all the challenges immediately and, if possible, not barefoot :laughing: Trust me, we all have been there… But we also soon understood that any kind of progress takes patience and time (and in many cases also a looot of money) and this “struggle” is actually part of the charm. All of these small victories and joys, when you have finally achieved something, or finally found/bought something you’ve desired for a long time ‒ whether you like it or not, believe me, this is the engine, which keeps us all going. Become a great seller by setting the right prices, and what is “right”? As quite a successful seller myself (I sell most of my items in the first few minutes/hours) I will happily share my personal trick with you: if you are not sure which price is the right one (and I admit, even price averages, which you can see and which usually guided us in the past, have lately been very confusing and misleading ‒ for many reasons)… if you want to improve your chances of selling something and earn a few coins, set the price that YOU would be willing to pay for it :winking: For example: would you buy a plain MOD1 t-shirt for 5k? Because we certainly would not! And last but not least- enjoy yourself, encourage and celebrate your creativity and discover your own amazing and unique style! We will surely love it!

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