Our chats with the most devoted MOD4 stylists continue, as they tell us when they tend to play and let us in on a few tips.

Today it’s the turn of LaStefyDN, a very active user in our community.

You’ve been playing MOD4 since it came out: what’s your favourite part each time you play? And how did you hear about MOD4?

I became familiar with MOD4 through LuisaViaRoma and I’ll admit that initially I signed up almost only to get the discounts. However, as the days and weeks went by, I got more and more hooked on the game, until it had almost become a “drug” and the LVR points were no longer the main attraction. Since I signed up, almost a year ago, I’ve almost never skipped a Challenge and not a day has gone by when I haven’t spent time on MOD4 – and I don’t mean just a few minutes! It has always been a way for me to take my mind off things, to relax, to unleash my creativity, express my taste, my style and my passion for fashion. The bit I like best? When I create my outfit! Creating looks with so many beautiful items is also a great way to daydream. I can imagine myself wearing that outfit in the setting described in the Challenge description.

What’s the inspiration behind the looks you create?

By how I’m feeling, by my mood that day, the theme proposed, the background and my instinct. My phone is full of trial screenshots and I often have trouble picking the right one :laughing:.

Tell us about your daily routine within the game.

My alarm goes off and, while I’m getting ready, I take a look at the Challenges launched at 6 am. Once I get to the office, before starting work, I do the daily Missions, then, between phone calls and meetings, during my coffee break and at lunchtime, I begin working on the various outfits. At 2 pm I wait for the result of the previous day’s Daily and in the afternoon, when I get the chance, I check the Market and the Magazine, etc. Unfortunately I can no longer interact much with the other players because my work is getting busier and busier so I have less time to make comments or answer other people’s. When I get home, in order to relax after a hard day’s work, I lie on the couch and concentrate on MOD4, awaiting the evening’s results and completing any Challenges I may have left unfinished.

If you had all the MOD4 items in your actual wardrobe, which pieces couldn’t you live without?

That’s a really difficult question, because how could I ever live without any one of the garments in my virtual wardrobe? I could definitely neverlive without bags or shoes…

Have you made virtual friends within the Community?

Yes, luckily I have and they are all lovely, decent people. I’ve formed strong friendships with some of them in particular and although we only keep in contact online, we’re in touch every day. And this is another positive aspect of Mod4 (she smiles), because it’s nice to meet new people you can chat, laugh and joke with!

What advice would you give to entry-level MOD4 gamers?

One thing only: HAVE FUN! But that would be my advice to everyone, even those who’ve been playing for ages, because every so often you forget that it’s a game, and that’s all it is. Envy, bitchiness, spite, these are all things that shouldn’t have a place in this game – or in real life either! Playing should be a time for relaxing, having fun and leaving all your cares behind. Especially at a difficult time like the one we’re currently experiencing due to this pandemic.

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