As we’ve been announcing for some time now, at the moment MOD4 is undergoing some huge changes. First the introduction of the Boutique, then the changes to the Challenge interface and the interruption of sales on the Market: all these operations have been necessary in order to reach this important stage.

What’s new?

A fundamental aspect at the basis of the MOD4 structure is changing. From now on, the use of Coins and Credits, and their value, will follow a different logic, and this will obviously bring other changes too.

But let’s take one step at a time and discover together everything there is to know about the latest changes!



Until now, the Credits were the currency you used to buy items on the Market whereas the Coins were mainly used for purchasing Boxes. With the introduction of the Boutique, we anticipated the first big change to the economic system in the app:

The use of Coins to buy items of level MOD2 or higher 

Another main difference is that the cost of the items now corresponds to their price on the LuisaViaRoma e-commerce site. As a result, and to ensure users have a fair spending power, when publishing the new update, we have multiplied the number of Coins owned by each user by 20. We have also changed the prizes for the Missions so that these are mainly Coins and no longer Boxes.

How purchasing items works, difference between MOD1 and rare items and reselling on the Market:

MOD1 items

  • Only purchasable in the Boutique using Credits
  • Available in unlimited quantities
  • Cannot be resold on the Market

Rare items (from MOD2 upwards)

  • Purchasable from the Boutique using Coins. Can be resold on the Market for the same or a higher price than the purchase price
  • Available in limited quantities. Only one of each item can be purchased

But let’s not forget the Boxes: you can still buy them and find all the item types inside. The same logics of resale as for the items purchased from the Boutique apply to these items too, and to the items you already own.

Some extra info: we have deactivated the automatic item recycling function. If items are unsold, they will automatically return to your Wardrobe.




Following the changes concerning Coins and Credits, let’s look at another very important new aspect of this update regarding the creation of looks.

Until now, it was only possible to take part in a Challenge if you already owned the items stated in the requirements.

We have simplified the process and now you can buy the items you want while creating your looks

This means that you no longer need to keep visiting the Market in search of the right item because now you can consult – and access – the whole catalog in the interface you use to create your looks.

If you want to buy a new item, simply select it to conclude the operation without abandoning the Challenge!

These are only a few of the new features introduced by the latest update. Over the next few weeks, there will be another release which will integrate the features released with this version, completing the new MOD4 functions.

Stay tuned!

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