We are the ones who fall for the Stendhal syndrome

when entering the Museum of Fashion and Costume in Palazzo Pitti. We are the treasure hunters equipped with Prada big bags and Valentino fedora hats, the untiring ones who cannot be prevented from discovering a unique piece to add to their collection.

We might have repeated too many times to count, but we love to collect.

Our mission is to make everyone fashion collectors.

We want to share what is fashion to us: a breathing of joy, fulfillment and aggregation. For this reason we created a game up instead of a catalogue to browse. Who said fashion must always be a serious matter? We prefer playing with it.

You don’t need special skills: a fashion collector it’s something you become. We want to share our devotion for the most exclusive clothes, pieces of art to wear and live. Fashion is the treasure, your closet the caveau, MOD4 is the discovery.

Walking in the streets and being means of art ourselves, to fill this world with beauty in hope to make it slow down to admire us, even just for a while.

And thus spread the Word of Fashion.