Can you recall those movies or cartoons

where the protagonist has a walk-in closet as big as a parallel universe? You fiercely envied every single one of those girls, which sums up also how we felt… until now.

No more envy and longing for things we can’t have darling, because we’ve made the LuisaViaRoma catalogue available completely for your disposal.
Yep, you heard it right, and no you’re not dreaming: MOD4 is in official partnership with LuisaViaRoma, and you get nothing but benefits from this. Please, if this is all too much to take in, feel free to take a break before going on, we don’t want to be responsible for making you hyperventilate.

Did you recover? Good, so let’s continue forward on this escalation of good news: accessing is kinda immediate. We might have repeated it something like ten times now, but that’s because we’re hyped too.

Would you like to have a closer look at those boots and midi-dress you’d like to use in a Challenge?
Said-and-done: a quick visit to the online shop and you can get all the closer looks you desire. Of course, there’s a chance to lose track of why you initially entered the shop and get lost for hours browsing the catalogue in total adoration, but if that happens no worries, we won’t judge you. Actually quite the contrary, we understand you more than you think. And if you tragically happen to step into the stylist’s block, aka writer’s block but for fashion lovers, don’t worry: we’ve just suggested you where to take inspiration.

For one second try to find the comfort of not having to even exit MOD4 to purchase the outfits you fell in love with while playing. We bring you directly where you want to go, and you don’t even need to lift a finger.

Versace jeans? Here they are. Gucci bag? Voilà, already in your cart. Wait a minute, who was the designer of those amazing ankle boots you saw in a user’s moodboard? A quick check in the Following feed and here we go, back to the LuisaViaRoma shop to get them!

It takes more time for us to tell you than it does for you to actually do it: that’s the degree of speed you’re going to find on MOD4 when you want to treat yourself with something you like.

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