Life is like a MOD4 Box: you never know what you’re gonna get. Is that the original quote? We can’t recall, we’re too busy thinking of all those Boxes waiting to be won, and currently sad because they’ve not been opened yet. The bare idea breaks our hearts: we absolutely must win as many Boxes as possible, asap!

A Box is something you earn with style, and it’s not a figure of speech, it’s your reward after submitting a special Challenge.

There are different kinds of Boxes (Mini, Silver, Golden, Platinum), and even though the way you get them stays the same, their contents change. Let’s break things down a little bit to better understand this beautiful universe composed of virtual Boxes.

Your very first approach to Boxes actually happens when you enter MOD4’s tutorial Challenge, a little after your first login. On this occasion you get your first Essential, which is not an actual Box, rather a sort of close relative to it: it’s your survival kit to face your first Challenges, and provides you with clothes and accessories. It’s the foundation for the base of your Wardrobe just to make things a little less messy.

The Mini Box is your reward for casting a vote on 20 outfits in the Voting section. It’s a smaller Box in comparison to the others, but nonetheless it’s pretty and adorable!

Silver, Golden and Platinum are the Boxes you can get only by winning Challenges or buying them with your MOD4 Coins. They contain different amounts of clothing and accessories (with also different MOD levels).

Ah! The MOD4 levels that you find in the Boxes are categorized by their level of splendor. We sigh just thinking of simply finding a MOD4+ item, the highest and most elusive award of them all. Practically a dream. When you find one make sure to keep hold of it, because it will literally make your outfits shine brighter than ever before: using higher MOD level items in your outfits will give them a boost, and their starting score will be even higher! Victory is a little bit closer this way, isn’t it?

You can find MOD1, MOD2, MOD3, MOD4 and MOD4+ items: MOD1 articles are the easiest ones to find, and the most abundant; as the number rises, the discovery gets harder and more interesting. Don’t you want to play even more just to get them all?