Suddenly you start seeing double. Don’t worry, you haven’t drank too much, and you don’t need an eye exam: you only saw your avatar on MOD4, created to make it look just like you.

We know you’ve always dreamt of being a model, at least for one day. That’s why you can’t help but feel satisfaction while your mini-me tries on outfits, accessories, sunglasses, and beats the competition during Challenges! Your avatar looks like you from top to bottom: hairstyle, makeup, even the skin tone. Your avatar has a maximum personalization range not to leave even a single detail behind, so you can be the real protagonist of MOD4.

At the tips of your fingers you have at your disposal incredible clothing pieces complete with shoes straight from your dreams. You play MOD4, win the Challenges and get Boxes to fill your virtual Closet. Browsing in your Closet, you get stars in your eyes, seeing all the priceless pieces you have collected from opening Box after Box.
They are all so perfect for you, and fit you oh so well!

As you step away from your phone, and walk towards your closet to get ready for a glamorous night out, you smile thinking of that fantastic Prada dress, and how perfect you will look in it tonight. You search your closet frantically and realize that the dress is nowhere to be found…

But wait, the dress is in your MOD4 Closet. Only your avatar has worn it. You want to start crying, but you compose yourself, so you don’t ruin your makeup that took hours to do. Then your eyes land on your phone and you realize the situation is easily fixable.

You open MOD4, look for the dress, access LuisaViaRoma, and slide to purchase, et voilà. Prada dress is on its way!
Being the fashion addicts that we are, we have managed to make the shopping experience ultra fast to fulfill your every desire to get you back to playing! And of course filling your real closet in record time.