What’s that funny noise? Can you hear it? It seems the low and constant buzz of bees around their beehive, but it’s actually the MOD4 community buzzing in the Home feed, the social area in MOD4.

What’s the purpose of creating amazing outfits without people admiring them, envying you over them, and without the possibility of bragging about them? It would be a shame indeed, not to mention unconceivable.
Not to leave you adrift in desperate search of someone able to understand your enthusiasm for the super look you created for a Challenge, you can immediately fulfill that necessity by sharing with the MOD4 users, who will satisfy all those needs for sure.

The Home feed is perfect for you to explore the Community and find new potential friends who understand your unconditional love for fashion and the need for collecting it.
Here’s some things you can do:

  • Share your Challenges outfits
  • Share your mood boards
  • Like and comment users’ posts
  • Discover the most loved and viewed looks (and check if yours are among them)