Are you a competitive person? We hope so, ‘cause we’re going to talk about CHALLENGES!

Depose your war Stiletto, you don’t have to extinguish your competitors right now. If you aimed to clarify your position on your desire to excel and dominate, don’t worry, you made it. But let’s go to the gist of the post.


Challenge, challenge: a word, a world. For us is primarily the field on which the community members face each other to elect the best ones at styling, and to win a lot of awesome Boxes.

But winning, from a certain point of view, it’s just the top of the iceberg. Indeed, because through the Challenges MOD4 gives you the chance to do something really priceless: get a deeper knowledge of yourself, improve your style and fashion taste thanks to self-criticism. Fashion and personal growth go hand in hand: it’s not a miracle, it’s MOD4!


Someone like you, blessed with an upstanding critical eye and forged by Challenges with ultra-stellar outcomes, will surely have studied the dictates of fashion down to the bottom: observing, browsing, taking inspiration, rejecting outfits. Even a natural talent for styling and good taste needs to be nurtured to make it flourish. To keep on being a pro like that you need to get constant updates, you need to spy discretely what the other users do and understand what’s on trend and what’s not. 


In this regard, there are well two feeds in MOD4 that suits you: Magazine and Trend, where you can satisfy every curiosity you have. Detox infusion, tissue mask and go conquer the world. This is a study break you’ve never seen before.

After so much inner work on yourself you deserve a reward. A moment of joyous stylist pleasure. It’s there, staring at you with lingering eyes. The Voting section. It doesn’t want anything but you to surrender at the desire of dispensing TOP and MEH votes with no mercy — and, in the rare case you felt really generous, a pinch of BIG LIKES. Ah, the fierce feminine competition.


Don’t try to deny it. We know that once in a while you let go a stinging comment, but it happens to the best of us. It often happens to us. Very often.

We reward you also for being merciless with your votes. With Swipes! Could it have gone better for you?