Until recently no one would have associated the fashion world with the gaming world, but now this winning combination has arrived and it’s like, “why has no one ever thought of this before?!”

Thankfully this innovative combination has taken off and several fashion houses have turned their attention to the gaming world to expand their clientele and create new amazing collabs.

In this historic time, we are staying home more and searching for new forms of entertainment that we might not have considered otherwise. Gaming as a form of entertainment has really shown its potential for fashion and style. 

Moschino x The Sims, Louis Vuitton x Leagues of Legends, Valentino x Animal Crossing. These are just a few examples of exciting collaborations blending gaming and fashion.

But when did it all start? We can trace it all back to “event zero”, the capsule collection Louis Vuitton x LoL, where new skins were made available for gamers to update their characters’ looks, as well as real life pieces for the gamers.

The growing interest in athleisure and luxury streetwear has brought gamers’ needs for comfort and current trends closer together. We can finally say it is no longer necessary to sacrifice comfort for style, you can also be absolutely trendy in t-shirts, sweats and sneakers.

Just by watching live streaming platforms like Twitch, or global gaming tournaments, it is clear that gamers have become more aware of their personal image. Millions of fans watch live streams and gaming tournaments, which translates into millions of fans who see the looks worn by their all-time favorite gamers, who they want to imitate. That’s why the top fashion designers have started to take an interest in them and their potential.

It is with this aim that Louis Vuitton made its pieces available to the participants of the League of Legends tournament at the end of 2019, creating a special luxury box for the winning team.


The collaboration between fashion and gaming is constantly growing and expanding, both in the field of video games and mobile games such as MOD4. Inspiration didn’t come to us only from wanting to explore the world of gaming, keep an eye out for future posts to find out more!