Here we are as promised. In this article, we’ll answer users’ doubts and we will try to clarify each topic to the best of our abilities.

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As you know, we worked hard to modify the algorithm that determines the results of the Challenges and we constantly evaluate how to update it to make it even more precise and efficient.

We want to insert as soon as possible more detailed Challenges’ results. Not only showing the total score, but also the user vote percentage, rarities, and more. We also want to add an interface that will allow users to monitor their own Bonus/Malus situation, which will be kept private and won’t be visible to others.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the results of the Challenges will look like:

In the comments under the latest news we published, we saw that some users suggested making public the votes given. We would like to clarify that the users’ vote will never be made public, as to avoid targeted negative voting and the creation of a system in which users can blame others for their results. This wouldn’t contribute to MOD4’s atmosphere, which we always try to keep fun and engaging. To promote such behaviors would be to move in the opposite direction!

As for the Challenges ranking in the Magazine, we know it needs to be improved. Make it so that it will be more correct and trustworthy is one of our priorities and we’re working on it! If you want to find out more, follow mod4official on Instagram: we post daily winners!


We have seen many improvements from our database since we introduced this factor, which really helps to reward those who vote correctly. If you have any doubts about how the Bonus and the Malus are calculated, here’s the article we published on the topic: Voting in the Challenges: everything you need to know.

Do you want to have a look at the interface to monitor your Bonus and Malus situation?


The outfits competing in a Challenge all receive the same number of votes: it’s a mechanism that has been part of MOD4 since the beginning and it’s used to guarantee equality, rather than let some looks be seen by loads of users and others by very few.

Despite this, two similar or even equal outfits do not get votes from the same people, who can have different tastes and so vote differently (generating different results). In longer Challenges with a higher number of participants, these differences are smoothed out, and two similar looks will be close in the rankings. The Flash or Daily Challenges are different since the votes are proportionally fewer and discrepancies are way more evident. To solve this issue, we are studying a way to increase the number of votes even in shorter Challenges.


We cannot force users to follow the theme of a Challenge, we can only guide them through the requirements: the fun thing about MOD4 is that each user is free to interpret each Challenge how they prefer, then it’s up to other users to promote or not the look with their votes. We are thinking of a way of showing the Challenges’ themes and requirements during the voting session, in order to guide also the users that may be a bit distracted at that moment!


If you were looking for proof that the new algorithm works well, this is it. If the users vote correctly, it’s normal that the more skilled users will rank higher in the rankings. If you’re not amongst these, don’t worry: it’s a reason to keep getting better and do your best to reach the highest rankings!



We are aware that in MOD4’s market occasionally there are items sold at really high prices, but for now, we are not expecting to change the Market’s mechanism. You will continue to set the price you want on the items you sell: seeing that there are no forced purchases, if an item is too expensive it won’t interest other players, this will simply stay unsold and will return to your Wardrobe after six days with no consequences.

However we want to make sales anonymous, so that specific user won’t be targeted.



Important clarification: the essence of the Boxes is random. Nothing regulates the content of the Boxes, if not the beauty of chaos. That’s the reason why one can find double items or relatively low Mod level items even in the Platinum Boxes – but it’s also possible to find a MOD4 or MOD4+ item in a Mini Box, that’s not too bad! The percentages of the probability of finding a Mod level are specified in the info for every single Box and clarify what’s possible to find and what’s not. When you open a new Box all you can do is to cross your fingers and hope to find what you were looking for: if not, you can recycle an item or sell it on the Market.

Do you own out-of-style items? Start saying goodbye, since we are going to start to progressively remove from the Boxes more dated items when the Fall-Winter 2021 season will arrive on MOD4. Spoiler: not long now!


We hope to have answered all your doubts! We really care about our users’ game experience and we try to do our best to improve MOD4 and make a fun challenge ground, where anyone can have a go at winning, giving everyone a chance. The feedback we receive is the reason why we try to keep improving, and we’re sure that after these clarifications, playing will be even more satisfying ♥

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