Not sure who’s happier right now: us, who can’t wait to announce it, or you, who have been waiting for it, but it’s finally official:




Exactly, because the possibility to create a male avatar is not the only new feature in the latest app update (if you’re reading this on your smartphone, update the iOS version of MOD4 with this link and the Android version with this link). But let’s take it step by step:


Here’s what’s new!


With the latest update we’ve completely restyled MOD4’s startup interface: from here you can log in if you already have an account or create a profile from zero and choose your avatar and its appearance.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the new welcome interface will look like:

Nuova interfaccia di avvio MOD4


The male avatar is created in the same way as the female avatar, and it has the same aim: to represent you throughout the game and try on for you the clothes you’d like to wear. Its appearance can be modified later on, and you can personalize it with the available features. We will keep adding new ones so that you can personalize your avatar however you want!

Once your male avatar has been created and you’ve registered with your email, it won’t be possible to change the type of avatar, and it’s not possible to have two avatars for one profile. Pick your options with care!

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Do you want to have a look at the new avatar?


The gameplay won’t change for those who decide to play with a male avatar: you will participate to dedicated Challenges, both Free and Premium, and you will compete with other users to win Boxes and LVR Points. You can create looks in the Wishlist, buy and sell items in the Market, purchase coins to open new Boxes, complete Missions and interact with other users. The two MOD4 versions (male and female) do not interact during the gameplay, and for good reason: so that you won’t find items your avatar cannot wear in the Boxes! You will still be able to interact with all the avatars in the Magazine section, which will be shared and it will be possible to see the contents posted by the whole community.


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Here’s what the Magazine will look like:

What are you waiting for? Update to the latest version of MOD4! We can’t wait to meet all your new avatars and discover the amazing outfits you’ll create!

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