It feels good to have the perfect excuse ready when your parents nag you to participate in the conversation and drop your phone, doesn’t it? I’m not playing, mom, I’m winning a Mod3 item after hours and hours of trying! Maybe you’ll sound odd to your parents, but that’s the collectors’ obsession: those who don’t feel the longing we feel will never understand.
Well, lucky for you, here we are! We understand you perfectly. We’re all mad here.

Why are we so driven by collecting to have finally made it a primary feature of MOD4? How did we come to this, how is it that some fashion addicted people suddenly have become die-hard collectors? Is that we swallowed a whole Chanel N.5 bottle during the MOD4 creative process, or this all somehow makes sense?


It does, it does. We didn’t wake up one random day choosing to reinvent ourselves as collectors. Or maybe in a certain way that’s true, because we’re convinced that the desire of collecting is living and breathing inside each and every one of us, just waiting to come out – especially when we have a strong attraction for something materialistic, whatever it can be. For us it’s fashion. We’re satisfied by cataloging what we want to possess, just like mini crazy hoarders.

There are two pros to this form of collecting, even though it is fundamentally virtual, it has all the enjoyment of a physical collection. You get to show off your success with all you have collected and you get to feel the pleasure of acquiring and organizing all the pieces you have earned.
Not to mention that you can switch from virtual to real life collecting in just a blink of an eye. How? Simply buy items you’ve found in the game from the LuisaViaRoma catalog to be shipped directly to your home. Now you’ve upgraded both your virtual and at-home wardrobe collection!

Some people may say you’re a superficial, someone who’s just buying clothes without collecting a thing. Unfortunately, they are unable to understand that fashion is art, a mirror that reflects our society and customs, so that’s why we are here to help them. Share your love and knowledge of fashion to the world!

What we practice and do is not so different from what art collectors do — or vintage cars collectors, or stamp collectors, or coins collectors. We just have a different way to do it: we collect by playing, which makes everything way more fun.

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