Din don: the doorbell’s ringing! It’s MOD4 delivering the latest Box you won by playing. Your chest of wonders, the golden pot at the end of the rainbow — in this case, at the end of a Challenge. The more you play, the more you can enlarge your collection thanks to the Boxes you win.

What can you find in a Box? It’s a guess! Exclusive Mod3 and Mod4 items? Those Dior glasses you’ve been dreaming about for a lifetime, but that cost so much to drain all your Fours? Or maybe something you already own and you can recycle?

No spoiler, also because neither we have a clue about what you’ll find opening the different kinds of Boxes. We can tell you instead what kind of Boxes there are in MOD4:


  • Mini
  • Vanity
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Platinum


Sure is that the thrill of discovery is exactly as addictive as shopping. Maybe that’s why we love it so much and we can’t help to go on opening Box after Box, until the last one, to then broaden the Closed and admire the incredible collection we own. And we’ll be sure about envious friends: check.

Sure is also that a collection like yours, ultra precious and built with a lot of effort and hours of gaming, needs to be kept safe at all costs. What if suddenly (finger crossed) your iPhone decided to forsake you or maybe fell in your clay bath? Fear. Terror. Anguish. APOCALYPSE. 

To prevent your desperate screams for such a loss to break mirrors, glassware and chandeliers, we thought of a solution in advance.


Your registration into MOD4 allows you to save your game process, and works like a caveau. Go ahead and lose your mobile, break it, change it, use more than one and don’t worry even for a while: MOD4 will follow you everywhere along with your game history, and won’t lose even the tiniest piece of your sacred collection.