The MOD4 community is a mainstay of our app, and we love to watch it grow and for all these amazing connections to flourish. Some users have been with us since we launched MOD4 and they know absolutely everything about it. We interviewed some of our most devoted top stylists to get to know them better, learn how they like to play, and get some top tips for new players. And to make our community a better space than ever, of course!

Let’s start with FraSuperStyle, one of the very first players on MOD4.

You’ve been playing MOD4 since it came out: what’s your favourite part each time you play? And how did you hear about MOD4?

My favorite moment is when I read the Challenge brief, and your creativity button is immediately flipped to ON. Building a look relaxes me, but I already know what I want to achieve, and after so much time I have a reasonably good idea of what I have and what can be gradually added to my virtual wardrobe. I was introduced to MOD4 through LuisaViaRoma, where I’ve been shopping for myself, and often for my clients, for a number of years now.

What’s the inspiration behind the looks you create?

I dream of a world of color but you can’t always have that (she laughs): the background really helps me build harmony in my looks. It’s crucial not to go too far from the brief I think.

Tell us about your daily routine within the game.

When I started playing, there was a huge amount of interaction amongst the players and I’d see all these stunning looks and covet garments in my virtual wardrobe, which I’d then get. That said, I go in, have a quick look at the magazine and then read the day’s challenge brief. I rate the looks and then I create my first of the day. I take a look at the Market, which I’m absolutely crazy about. I love hunting for that missing piece, a bit like you’d once do with collectible figures. That’s when my inner hunter can really break out!

If you had all the MOD4 items in your actual wardrobe, which pieces couldn’t you live without?

What a dream! That would be fabulous! I’m addicted to blazers; they’re a must for me in real life too. Plus shirts, which I adore, masculine pants, loafers, sandals and combat boots.

Have you made virtual friends within the Community?

Yes, absolutely. I’m a very social person, partly by nature and partly because of what I do in life. I’m very open to networking and sharing ideas. I like giving advice and helping people curate an amazing look that reveals something about the creator and the person wearing it.

What advice would you give to entry-level MOD4 gamers?

I’d say that MOD4 makes you addicted (she laughs). Have fun, try things out, dream big, be bold! Everyone likes to win and even though you might end up ranking low, don’t give up. You’ll get to the top with hard work and plenty of looks!

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